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Ingmar Bergman dies at 89

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Ernst Ingmar Bergman was born in Uppsala, Sweden to a Lutheran minister of Danish descent, Erik Bergman (later chaplain to the King of Sweden), and his wife, Karin (née Åkerblom). He grew up surrounded by religious imagery and discussion. He had a strict upbringing and was locked up in dark closets for infractions such as wetting the bed. Bergman performed two five-month stretches of mandatory military service and attended Stockholm High School and Stockholm University, not completing his course in literature and art but instead becoming interested in theatre and later in cinema (though he had become a "genuine movie addict" by the early 1930s).

Although he grew up in a devout Lutheran household, Bergman stated that he lost his faith at age eight but came to terms with this fact only when making Winter Light.

Since the early sixties Bergman lived much of his life on the island of Fårö, where he made a number of his films. Bergman moved to Munich for a while following a protracted battle with the Swedish government over alleged tax evasion, and did not return to make another film in Sweden until 1982, when he directed Fanny and Alexander. Bergman said this would be his last film, and that he would go on to direct theater. Since that time he did make a number of films for television, but later retired to Fårö, stating in 2004 that he would never again leave the island.

According to a report from the Swedish news agency TT, Ingmar Begman died at his home on Fårö, Sweden, in the early morning of July 30, 2007, aged 89. No cause has yet been provided.

source Wikipedia

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