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In Too lazy to assign a category on February 14, 2007 at 9:36 pm

I want to know what happens when I post an item to two seperate private groups (each with just two members, me and one other person).

Apparently the comments made in one private group, show up in the other private group, which isn't logical to me. If I want to share an item with two people (through means of two private groups, both with just two members, me and the other person), do I have to post two seperate entries then?

This really is a huge issue for me, so I would appreciate a reply.

Thank you in advance,


Hi Irma,

Any comments left on an item will show up wherever that item is viewed. This means that posting the same item in multiple private groups, multiple public groups, and on your blog will lead to comments left in any of those locations to be shown at all those locations. If someone can see the item, then he/she can see all the comments left on that item even if he/she is not a member of all the groups that item has been posted to.

Vox Help

So … when I post something that is meant for you, I will add your name as a tag. That way, you'll know the item isn't posted elsewhere (another private group, or a public group) and shows up in my blog as hidden (only visible to me).

When it's posted to a group that consists of more than just two people (you and me), I will post the group name as a tag.  When it is posted on my blog, e.g. to my friends or neighbourhood, there will be no group tag, but your name won't be added as a tag either, and any comment you might make, will show up elsewhere as well.

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