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Those Drinking Days

In Too lazy to assign a category on March 5, 2007 at 8:50 pm

"Almost to a man these dead geniuses spoke of themselves as heavy drinkers, as did I. Masterful, self-controlled, heavy drinkers. Not drunks, my God, no. At worst, and to make one’s self-image truly and formally clear, the term might be ‘functional alcoholic.’ But even that terrible label has a soulful thrust to it, as if this drunk is completely in focus! If I can still think—just think—then I’m half-way sober and can catch those fleeting ingenuities that otherwise get by me . . . I too am an alcoholic and once sat with my number one, el supremo smile before my typewriter, toppling in place over my copy, a farsighted blur pasted to my eyeballs. I patiently uncurled the English tongue to make it speak plain but it kept tying itself into gorgeous knots I couldn’t make sense of. And if the knot had a hard glow, like sunlight on snow, then I didn’t care about sense. This light overrode sense, or the need for it. Light is all. This, I’d assure myself with a thankful glance toward heaven, this is the best prose I’ve ever written." — Donald Newlove, Those Drinking Days: Myself and Other Writers

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