Psssshhh….I Luv you….

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Psssshhh....I Luv you....

thru_myeye uploaded this image to flickr, click the image and follow the link to the original page

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  1. Monogamy is so rare in the animal world that only 3-5 % of the mammals are known to form lifelong pair bonds, like beavers, otters, jackals, foxes, some bats and a few dwarf deer and antelopes.In fact, strict monogamy is almost inexistent, as creatures that do pair for life, occasionally have flings on the side and some, like the wolf, do not mourn too much a death or a no longer sexually performing partner.Monogamy is an oddity

  2. New research reveals a surprising risk factor for extinction: monogamy. Large mammals that live in pairs or have small harems are far more likely to die out than those with big harems in reserves in Ghana. "In avoiding extinction, it pays to be promiscuous," says Justin Brashares of the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, who presents this work in the June issue of Conservation Biology. "This study is the first to show a strong link between social behavior and risk of extinction in mammals."Monogamous Animals May Be More Likely To Die Out

  3. Monogamy is extremely rare in mamals and birds,. Many animals including humans who, appear to be monogamous, are, in fact, when subjected to DNA testing are not. A good partner does not necessarily mean good genetic material. The statistics on this are quite astounding. I can provide examples.

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