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Bettie Page teams with Tempest Storm in the Holy Grail of Girlie Flicks! America's legendary pin-up queen, cult icon Bettie Page, stars with superstar stripper Tempest Storm in the biggest burlesque film of them all, "Teaserama!" With her girl-next-door smile and hourglass figure, Bettie Page performs two stylized dance numbers that are amalgams of her classic poses. She also scorches the screen when she teams up with that "hurricane of delight," Tempest Storm, in a boudoir bit that explodes into fetish central. Produced and directed by glamour-girl photographer Irving Klaw, "Teaserama" also boasts leggy Chris La Chris, a sultry strip courtesy of Trudy Wayne, female impersonator Vickie Lane, contortionist Twinnie Wallens, and baggy pants comics Dave Starr and Joe E. Ross. (Source: Donut Media)

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  1. I saw a pretty good movie about Bettie Page a few years ago. It was called… The Notorious Bettie Page and starred a radiant Gretchen Mol. The only thing that I didn't like about the movie was it portrayed her becoming a reformed Christian bible-beater who denounced her 'evil ways' at the end. But overall, I would say that the movie was quite sexy and worth the its few drawbacks.

  2. Nothing beats the real Bettie Page though. As for Bettie Page and Christianity, she did become a born again Christian, apparently not without problems. It seems now she's in a nursing home, recently suffering from a combination of pneumonia and a kidney infection.

  3. Nothing beats the real Bettie Page though.
    –you're probably right about that, Irma.
    Maybe my boyfriend and I will check her out…

  4. She had a classic 1950's body – full/nipped in/full. Her weight would fluctuate, but never her shape.
    I saw an excellent documentary on her – on A&E, perhaps? She was interviewed, but it was only via silhouette. She didn't want to disappoint her fans, poor thing.

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