Links for February 3th, 2008

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Flash Satay: Embedding Flash While Supporting Standards
No matter if your movie is made from beef, chicken, or pork, you still need to skewer it and dip it in the sauce to make it work. We call this the Satay Method.
(tags: howto standards webdesign flash mlf)

Lacing a corset
Here, we propose one aesthetic and convenient way to lace corsets up.
(tags: fetish corset mlf)

Shaping (or ‘breaking’) a corset
Corsets take the body shape of the person wearing it. The process is also known as “breaking a corset”.
(tags: fetish corset mlf)

Preparing ropes
You just bought some rope? Here are a few tips on how to optimize its quality for bondage use and maximize its lasting life.
(tags: fetish bondage mlf)

How to properly lace a corset
There are several different ways to lace your corset. Some entail one, two, three, even four separate laces. Below are steps on our preferred way to lace your corset.
(tags: fetish corset mlf)

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