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I'm an insomniac, who doesn't get enough sleep. Over the years this has become a huge problem, because a lack of energy prevents me from doing the things I want. I've tried many things, but haven't found something that works for me just yet. Of course, my biggest problems are being in pain and worrying too much. Haven't found a cure for either of them, and wish I had this on / off button.

My latest effort? Taking a warm bath, using:

And drinking a special infusion:

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  1. if the vapors from the bath don't work, you might try getting ingestible valerian. A friend of mine has been using it for years and swears by it…

  2. fellow insomniac here – it really sucks.

  3. Aside from writing do you like to do anything else crafty?
    After my Aunt died (she was like my 2nd mom) it's rare that I go to bed before 2 am. And I get up between 6 and 7 am pretty much every day. I crochet or draw. I have one of those minds that's hard to shut down, so I find mindless projects helps quiet the noise and it allows me to appreciate silence. Swimming is really good for that too. One of the things my Aunt suggested was to assess the situation by things that are within your control and whether it's worth dying for. If it's something not within your control . . . . then let it go (TRUST ME when I say, easier said than done, but after much practice it gets easier). Or thinking in terms of if the thing that's got your knickers in a bunch is really worth dying for, if not . . . . then let it go. Meditation can help too.
    I hope I've been helpful.

  4. It might sound crazy, but maybe you should try acupuncture. I've recently been seeing a good acupuncturist once a week and my sleeping, back problems, and depression have all improved.

  5. I need to see if the Ricola Good Night tea is for salw in the US for my wife.

  6. They do sell it from Amazon, but it's rather expensive, compared to what I paid for it. Over here, at the local shop, it's € 3,29 (or about $ 4.87) …

  7. I'd advise you to read something of Deepak Chopra, and your insomnia willvanish. Try to meditate and to not do great activities in the evening. Thesleep is very important in our life:

  8. Let’s organize a club of the insomniacs! LOL! Speaking seriously, just go toa psychotherapist. You are their case…

  9. Does the bath help you? And the infusion? Frankly, I don’t think so. Such methods work in rare cases, not when you have a chronic insomnia… You just waste time. Or not?

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