The Male Scale: 10 Archetypes

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Until the 19th century and the beginning of the Women’s Suffrage movement, traditional gender definitions prevailed. But as women gradually claimed their share of political power, they were not content with the classic male-work-rational-strong vs. female-home-emotional-weak dichotomy that dominated — and of course they shouldn’t have been.

Men resisted the movement until they could do so no longer. As women took steps to define their own gender roles, men missed the opportunity to do the same. We were left with a confused, ragtag concept of what it means to be a man, defined not by ourselves, but rather by contrasting ideals from two sources — liberated women and posterity.

But most modern men defy these narrow stereotypes, taking pieces of each. So without further ado, I now present to you…

The Male Scale

1: John Wayne
2: James Bond
3: Hemingway
4: Jason Bourne
5: Harry Potter
6: Brad Pitt
7: Barack Obama
8: Anderson Cooper
9: Danny Tanner
10: Mr. Sensitive

To read what these 'archetypes' are all about, read 10 zen monkeys

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  1. interesting artcle! 🙂 After reading the article, I think my hubby is a 4 – Jason Bourne

  2. I have no idea what I am. I know I used to be similar to the Jason bourne at one time… but I've found myself now, more or less and I'm pursuing my agendas with a slightly less than singleminded inthusiasm… I'd say I'm still likely in the midrange though.

  3. Very interesting. I would also say that I am closest to a 4… but clearly there are issues where most people wouldn't be clearly one way or the other. Also it seems to be rating both solitude and manliness on the same scale, which seems a bit strange to me.

  4. I agree that its not exactly the best scale but it was kind of interesting. I just showed this to my hubby to see what he thought. We both thought the listing was more about comparing backbone vs sensitivity.

  5. Love this! May take it in to my class when teaching gender communication – should "engender" discussion! 😉

  6. I Love it.. but where is The Terminator, Gene Simmons of Kiss and Andy Dick?J.

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