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NETSURFER emerged from SNOWCRASH´s search for new forms of furniture compa-tible with new technologies. Abandoning the conventional combination of chair and desk, the NETSURFER rethinks our relationship to the computer and our surfing requirements.
The semi-reclining position with the screen at eye level is designed to be comfortable for long periods. Pillows support the neck and lower back, arms and legs are supported on adjustable arm and footrests.


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  1. That's pretty cool… I've been looking for ways to design a custom desk/pc and that's one of the better ideas out there.

  2. Right now it looks even more tempting since I have a stiff neck. It started yesterday after we returned from shopping, and soon developed into a pain that prevented me from turning my neck in whatever way. Even a movement of a mere centimetre caused a lot of pain. Today is slightly better, but it still hurts. Strange thing is that it hurts when I swallow. Funny how one only realises how many times one actually swallows during a day when there's something wrong.

  3. Ouch. Pinched nerve in your neck. Those aren't pleasant at all. Try muscle relaxants, and if that doesn't work see a chiro. And if you start to feel tingling in your fingers or toes while it hurts go see a doc. Hope you feel better soon.

  4. Stress and tension can lead to neck stiffness, also. After my father passed away, I developed something similar to this, caused by stress, according to my doctor. I couldn't bear to move my head to any degree, so he put me on a muscle relaxer and a pain reliever, one of which gave me horrific nightmares. It eventually cleared up after a few days. I hope that your neck problem doesn't bother you this long, though 🙂

  5. Recently I went to the Academy of Art with friends to drop by the financial aid office. While there I sat in a vacant chair of someone not in that day. The seat and back of the chair was bungie cords. At first a little scary, it shapes to one's body pretty well, and had a high back to boot. The really cool thing was, it was only a couple hundred dollars, which really blew me away, and then made me cautious.I really need to have the desktop computer at eye level, I think that would help my case pretty well. I type this as I have my laptop on my thighs, my feet up on a table at eye level, and my back making a horribly-postured arch in the space of an uncomfortable plastic chair. Awareness goes hand and hand with irony.

  6. I like this, but there's room for some improvements. It's close to what I've had in mind for about the last three or four years, though. 🙂

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