Calculating the odds

In Too lazy to assign a category on July 14, 2007 at 12:04 am

I was going to say: the odds of an internet romance working out must be a gazillion to one. I mean, what are the chances that when you finally meet in person your body chemistry, pheromones, auras, chakras and all that jazz will actually mesh? Not to mention all of the idiosyncracies, the body language and the gestures, we each have that only appear when you're face to face. It's so easy to forge an image of someone based on words alone.

But then I remembered this, courtesy of Rumi:

A lover doesn't figure the odds.

He figures he came clean from God
as a gift without a reason,
so he gives without cause
or calculation or limit.

A conventionally religious person
behaves a certain way
to achieve salvation.

A lover gambles everything, the self,
the circle around the zero! She
cuts and throws it all away.

This is beyond
any religion.

Lovers do not require from God any proof,
or any text, nor do they knock on a door
to make sure this is the right street.

They run,
and they run.

And then I remember that I have no choice, really, but to watch it all happen: the gambling, the cutting loose, the giving and the running. It all happens of its own accord.

Just like this love happens. Just like this desire.

These trembling words.

This kiss.


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  1. I'm not all that great at math, anyhow.Thank you for the talk, earlier. I feel a lot better, and I think that makes it easier for me to communicate, as well.Talks ya laters.

  2. I met my wife in an online, long distance entanglement. We seduced each other with words, and seeing each other in person made the stars in the sky sparkle more than usual. Let's call it fate instead of pheremones! 🙂 –moon

  3. I'd like to think anything is possible, just like ee cummings said. I liked the Rumi poem and the rest of the post was engaging as well. As writers I think we are always looking for the newest way to say something, but sometimes turning backwards to the old is the best way to express yourself.

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