In fantasy

In Too lazy to assign a category on July 11, 2007 at 9:25 am

 i borrowed you
 when night came into the room.
 you and dark and intimacy
 lay over me,
 like air, tangled
 by rotation of thoughts,
 blades and hips.
 they belonged,
 but you were stolen
 into that moment.
 should i have begged to use you?
 while you slept far from me,
 i brought you to my bed,
 slid comfort beneath–
 pillows talk.
 they whisper with need
 that lingers in small whimpers,
 pressed there by lips,
 by mouth gasping the language
 we understand.
 i should have begged to use you.

donna dixon

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  1. Awesome!! I Love this!!!

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