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Update: too bad this doesn't work. Opinity can't verify my blog.

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  1. Oh noes! Another information silo I feel compelled to register with and fill out! I knew there was a reason for Web2.0 enabled websites. It so I can regurgitate… I mean syndicate the little info I have about myself online all over the place.You better watch out, I might go on an invitation spree with all my social networks! ^_^(BTW, I really like your website. I go there all the time and linger in the presence of RSS. I am a big fan of WordPress [I even have a shirt with the big "W" on it. Makes me feel like a blogging super hero {who has obviously lost his powers.}])

  2. My online friends who've been around, all have received oodles of invitations. I seem good at luring people into joining things they never thought of before. Of course, once they've signed up, the question is whether they're actually using it … *grin*Thanks for the compliment on my website. Once in a while I'm tempted to have a 'this page intentionally left blank' page instead 🙂

  3. I completely understand you on both accounts. I would really like to use all the sites I am a member of, but the truth is that I feel spread out. That is why I like your site, because you are reassembled after sending your brain in query of what the inter-tubal-webs have to offer. When I look at that site I imagine I am seeing neither your nor reality, but where those meet, an instance of expression. In the information age, that is my art of choice.And the second account, I have what feels like a zetagillion websites that I want to "park". And yet, even now, I plot to register more—and more specific—web domains for my "needs".ADHD + Insomnia + Web Developer = something like maiki(note: I am not really any of those things, but I try to at least act like the last ^_^)(note note: I need to look up what time it is when you are in the day-lit portion of the planet's rotation.)

  4. Standard time zone: UTC/GMT +1 hourDaylight saving time: +1 hourCurrent time zone offset: UTC/GMT +2 hoursTime zone abbreviation: CEST – Central European Summer Time

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