Mystery and Paradox

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Mystery and Paradox


She is a mystery to all

        Secrets kept hidden

Even to those closest

       Confounding even the keenest.


She is a paradox with

       Seemingly contradictory

Qualities which draw you

       And send you screaming.


She is a mystery both

Bold and frightened

        Adventurous and timid

Believes and curses…


She is paradox of

Convictions struggling in

The face of her passions

A woman, a little girl.


          She is a mystery to men

Both dark haired and gray

           Laughing one moment

Crying  the next.


She is this mystery

She is this paradox,

The one who wants to do it all

All on her own, and yet be rescued.


She is the mystery

The never ending paradox

to all but one man

– the man who who knows her very soul.

Michael Palmer

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  1. i love this! you have the BEST taste and i love your vox! xxoo

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