In Too lazy to assign a category on March 9, 2007 at 11:55 pm
  1. can you come and do this to my fridge?
    man that's a clean and organized fridge!

  2. Trust me, it's not that organised … and always too small 🙂

  3. I noticed your Coke bottles are shaped differently from ours. Yours have a much more elongated taper on the neck, like the old glass ones used to be. Ours are a shorter taper, more stout. No idea why they would be different, and it's not the camera angle either.:)

  4. Unlike mine, your fridge actually has food in it.

  5. Why wouldn't they be different? The ones in the Netherlands are different from the ones in Belgium as well.

  6. I have added 30 notes for the first image, and 25 notes for the second, on Flickr …

  7. man i want your food. my food isn't nearly as fun.

    i have food-envy.

  8. I don't consider myself much of a voyeur, but I am always amazed about how excited I get when I see pictures of people's lives that are mundane and secret. I mean, if I lived nearby and we hung out I could no doubt see inside your fridge firsthand (I make all my friends serve themselves after the first visit to my house), but the fact that I can't infuses your fridge with a mysticism.Mystic Fridges.I need to start a band.

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