Spiderwoman speaks

In Too lazy to assign a category on February 28, 2007 at 8:25 pm

It used to be quiet around here. Peaceful. Oceanic.

That was in the long ago time.
We were all one, then.
Not a matter of belief. A fact.

You could see the Web, plain as day,
spread out across the land.
Nothing frayed, nothing torn.

Just me, and all my Relations.
Weaving the shimmering, beautiful web.
Each shining strand connected to each shining,
lightwoven strand.
All one.

Maybe it began with one little fray,
one little link that broke in some insignificant place.

Crevices opened. Cracks.

It doesn't matter what you call me. I've had a lot of names.

These are my children. Some of them got lost along the way.

Too many are forgotten, buried by the years.
Some have returned, some are beating like hail on the roof,
some are voices howling like coyote in the wilderness,
some are your own ghosts wandering through your sleep.

They want to come Home.
The Web needs mending.

As found here.

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  1. No, this is not just good [this is excellent].

  2. All one… unseperated into parts and fragments.Unbroken strands linked together equally without distinction.To be one, is it necessary to be unaware of your own reflection? What happens when we are able to recognise a difference between ourselves and the other?Yet mayhap the web still stands intact… maybe everything is linked and woven together. Maybe it always will be. Yet maybe we sometimes fail to see?

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