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I'm not big on quoting, but I can't resist repeating some of Barbara Ehrenreich's editorial in the February "Harper's". With all due respect to everyone who's given me "positive thinking" advice, I'm cheering Barbara on when she writes the following:

I hate hope… There. It's out. Let pestilence rain down on me, for a whole chorus of voices rise up to insist that hope, optimism and a positive attitude are the keys to health and longevity… I got through my bout of cancer in a state of constant rage, directed chiefly against the kitschy positivity of American breast cancer culture. I remain, if not certifiably cancer-free down to the last cell, at least hope-free. Do not mistake this condition for hopelessness, in the beaten or passive sense, or confuse it with unhappiness. The trick, as my teen hero Camus wrote, is to draw strength from "the refusal to hope, and the unyielding evidence of a life without consolation." To be hope-free is to accept the tumour in the CAT scan, and to plan one's moves accordingly.

I tried to find this quote from Barbara Ehrenreich online, but didn't. However, you should read her Welcome to Cancerland.

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