This is who we are

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This is who we are

disclaimer: picture not taken by me, click the image and follow the link to the original flickr page
text below not mine either

this is my most recent tattoo and the one i love the most. i love the way the words feel on my body, i love showing it off to people, but i do have a hard time explaining it. It's one of those sayings that really means whatever the person who reads it wants it to mean.

for me, there are two basic meanings. the first is that it is an expression with my disappointment in humankind. With all that we can be, this is who we are.

the second is a personal declaration. this is who we are. we have nothing to prove, nobody to please, nothing to achieve except personal growth and satisfaction. i owe nothing, especially explanations or apologies. this is who i am.

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  1. nice. thanks for the explanation. feels right.

  2. I looked at this a bit differently… This Is Who We Are… it's tattooed on her belly, on the skin outside of her womb… this is where we all came from… the mother of all things… honor life.

  3. that's how I read it too

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