QotD: Counting Sheep

In Too lazy to assign a category on January 27, 2007 at 7:34 pm

What do you do to ensure you get a good night's sleep?
Submitted by Jacob’s Ladder.

I haven't had a good night's sleep in years. And believe me, I've tried a lot. Except for sleeping pills. Never ever want to take pills. I counted sheep and numerous other items, I've tried breathing exercises, hot milk, an evening walk, making love, alcohol, visualising a peaceful place, … Insomnia is one of my curses I guess.

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  1. Have you ever tried yoga? I have a friend whose sleep improved a lot after taking up yoga…

  2. Yes, I've tried yoga. Think I mentioned in an other entry already that yoga makes me terribly nervous. The breathing exercises did as well. I just need an on / off button for my mind *grin*

  3. Sorry to insist, just trying to help here. I also do
    yoga, and have to tell you that I can completely relate to what you
    say. In the beginning I also felt that the breathing and relaxation
    exercises made me feel more tense, not more relaxed. But I tell you,
    it's just a matter of not giving up the first few months, of practice,
    it gets better, and, most importantly, you feel better. I
    personally don´t know about the sleep effects (as I don´t have the
    problem) but my friend says it helps. Anyway eveyone is different and
    should try his/her own remedies I guess.

  4. I probably didn't give yoga a fair chance, since now you're talking about 'the first few months' I realise I haven't lasted for a few months. Guess that's another of my vices … I'm too impatient ! I left a comment on someone's Vox somewhere, about yoga, and breathing, and how it makes me panic once I realise my heart beat is slowing down …

  5. I sometimes think our minds work hard to occupy themselves with thoughts, so as to avoid leaving the unconscious mind a chance to deal with the things it doesn't want to face. Relaxation can threaten this strategy, and the anxiety is a coping mechanism.

  6. Yes, I also don´t like to take these things too
    seriously. But from my short experience with yoga, I tell you that
    trying to clear your mind is not easy, and it can be a little scary.
    Sometimes I do it and, because of the difficult moment I am going
    through, all I feel like is crying – and I don´t even know why I am
    crying… It's crazy. Sometimes I can feel more peaceful and that is
    great. Sometimes I just cannot concentrate. But as I told Irma, I think
    with time it's getting easier to do it.

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