headphone, thrills, flower, china, mirror

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She always took pleasure in drinking tea, especially when served in the finest china. The jasmine tea she was drinking right now was of excellent quality and a well chosen gift from one of her admirers. He had sent her the tea accompagnied by one chrysanthemum flower and one jasmine flower, expressing his feelings for her in a subtle way. The chrysanthemum was of an intense red, the jasmine flower a fragile yellow.

Yellow jasmine, symbol of timidity and modesty. Well, he certainly was a timid and modest person. She remembered how they first met. She caught his eyes when looking in the mirror she was thinking of buying. The simple yet very elegant antique mirror was over 200 years old but in perfect shape. Although expensive, worth every cent. When he realised she had noticed he was watching her, he pretended to be very interested in a baroque armchair. That amused her, as the chair didn’t seem to fit his personality (which was confirmed later when she got to know him).

At the same time, at the other side of town, he picked up the headphone set he bought the day before and got his thrills from listening to music. He thought about their dinner date. It had been a quiet and intimate dinner in a little known restaurant. The food however had been exquisite and her company a privilege. He admired her very much and would do anything to please her. He saw how she really enjoyed the tea they served at the restaurant and hoped she would equally enjoy the tea he sent her the other day as a token of his appreciation.

This is how it works: you get 5 words and with these 5 words you have to write an entry. The words might or might not be related. You decide how to combine them, and how long your entry will be. You tag your entry with 5wordchallenge and whatever other tags you like. Finally, you put the words in bold.

First challenge: headphone, thrills, flower, china, mirror

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  1. 😀 Nice job! I play this game a lot. A couple more rules but still the same game. Does each person set up new words or do they come here to get the next set? Interested in more word games, send me a note and I'll give you a url. 😉

  2. I'm gonna try this out on my vox page…it's good (writing) exercise. I found this site to be helpful as well.

  3. I imagine this to be a once a week thing. After one week, I'll read all the entries and appoint one of those that played to choose the next set of words. How does that sound? Of course, if you have a better idea, don't hold back 🙂

  4. nope, sounds good to me. 🙂

  5. thanks for starting this challenge. it's fantastic. i posted my response on my site.
    i love the descriptions of the flowers in this, brief, but evocative.

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