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Take the test yourself.

Below are the results for me. The things I recognise in myself are in italic. For those of you that have known me for a while, feel free to correct me 🙂


Strengths of a Melancholy

The Melancholy's Emotions

  • Deep and thoughtfully
  • Analytical
  • Serious and purposeful
  • Genius prone
  • Talented and creative
  • Artistic or musical
  • Philosophical and poetic
  • Appreciative of beauty
  • Sensitive to others
  • Self-sacrificing
  • Conscientious
  • Idealistic
The Melancholy As A Parent

  • Sets high standards
  • Wants everything done right
  • Keeps home in good order
  • Picks up after children
  • Sacrifices own will for others
  • Encourages scholarship and talent
The Melancholy At Work

  • Schedule oriented
  • Perfectionist, high standards
  • Detail conscious
  • Persistent and thorough
  • Orderly and organized
  • Neat and tidy
  • Economical
  • Sees the problems
  • Finds creative solutions
  • Needs to finish what he starts
  • Likes charts, graphs, figures, lists

Weakness of a Melancholy

The Melancholy's Emotions

  • Remembers the negatives
  • Moody and depressed
  • Enjoys being hurt
  • Has false humility
  • Off in another world
  • Low self-image
  • Has selective hearing
  • Self-centered
  • Too introspective (note: and yet at the same time not introspective enough)
  • Guilt feelings
  • Persecution complex
  • Tends to hypochondria
The Melancholy As A Parent

  • Puts goals beyond reach
  • May discourage children
  • May be too meticulous
  • Becomes martyr
  • Sulks over disagreements
  • Puts guilt upon children
The Melancholy At Work

  • Not people oriented
  • Depressed over imperfections
  • Chooses difficult work
  • Hesitant too start projects
  • Spends to much time planning
  • Prefers analysis to work
  • Self-deprecating
  • Hard to please
  • Standards often too high
  • Deep need for approval
The Melancholy As a Friend

  • Lives through others
  • Insecure socially
  • Withdrawn and remote
  • Critical of others
  • Holds back affections
  • Dislikes those in opposition
  • Suspicious of people
  • Antagonistic and vengeful
  • Unforgiving
  • Full of contradictions
  • Skeptical of compliments

Strengths of a Phlegmatic

The Phlegmatic's Emotions

  • Low-key personality
  • Easygoing and relaxed
  • Calm, cool and collected
  • Patient well balanced
  • Consistent life
  • Quiet but witty
  • Sympathetic and kind
  • Keeps emotions hidden (note: how is that a strenght?)
  • Happily reconciled to life
  • All-purpose person
The Phlegmatic As A Parent

  • Makes a good parent
  • Takes time for the children
  • Is not in a hurry
  • Can take the good with the bad
  • Doesn't get upset easily
The Phlegmatic At Work

  • Competent and steady
  • Peaceful and agreeable
  • Has administrative ability
  • Mediates problems
  • Avoids conflicts
  • Good under pressure
  • Finds the easy way

Weaknesses of a Phlegmatic

The Phlegmatic's Emotions

  • Unenthusiastic
  • Fearful and worried
  • Indecisive
  • Avoids responsibility
  • Quiet will of iron
  • Selfish
  • To shy and reticent
  • Too compromising
  • Self-righteous
The Phlegmatic As A Parent

  • Lax on discipline
  • Doesn't organize home
  • Takes life too easy
The Phlegmatic At Work

  • Not goal oriented
  • Lacks self motivation
  • Hard to get moving
  • Resents being pushed
  • Lazy and careless
  • Discourages others
  • Would rather watch
The Phlegmatic As a Friend

  • Dampens enthusiasm
  • Stays uninvolved
  • Is not exciting
  • Indifferent to plans
  • Judges others
  • Sarcastic and teasing
  • Resists change

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  1. Percentages vary, yet oddly enough we matched up on this one. Of course, there weren't that many combinations either.

  2. And yet we are very different. Of course, this was just a simple test, not to be taken too seriously. I do recognise my character flaws though, it's high time I worked on those. Seriously.

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